All course modules are created by Renewable Energy Engineer Jesse Gorter,
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About your instructor:

Jesse Gorter, Energy Engineer

Jesse now shares his engineering skills and expertise through video courses which are relevant, concentrated, practical and full of up-to-date knowledge. Jesse is specialized in Off-Grid Energy Systems, with a focus on Solar Power and Generator or Solar-Hybrid systems.

In addition to a master degree in Renewable Energy Engineering, Jesse has over 15 years of hands-on experience in the design, installation and commissioning of both Grid-Tied and Off-Grid Energy Systems. He has in-depth knowledge about systems with Solar, Wind and Generator power generation in combination with Energy Storage Systems for enhanced self-consumption, grid independence and peak-shaving.

Jesse is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others in a pleasant and efficient manner, and is equipped with engineering degrees from Canada and The Netherlands.

Ir. Ing. Jesse Gorter

Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineer, Master of Engineering [Meng, Ir.]
Mechancial Engineer - Energy Technology, Bachelor of Engineering [Beng, Ing.]

Student's Testimonials

The lecturer is incredibly easy to listen to and he backs up everything he talks about with effective imagery to help understand the systems. Very well done and I’m learning a lot about how solar systems actually work from the individual cell to the entire panel arrays.

Gained a goof amount of knowledge , as I live in South Africa , and at the moment load shedding of the national grid is continuously being implemented, I am considering exploring solar possibilities to get totally of the grid. Thanks very much for sharing the information.

Brilliant Course! The Instructor is very entertaining, informative and engaging. The material is well thought out, current and easy to understand. Thank you great value and I would highly recommend this course.